Call For Papers: ‘Legal Education Governance Reform’, IJTAG-10th Edition, 2024, Last Date 5th Sept.

Call For Papers: ‘Legal Education Governance Reform’, IJTAG-10th Edition, 2024, Last Date 5th Sept.

Call For Papers: ‘Legal Education Governance Reform’, IJTAG-10th Edition, 2024, Last Date 5th Sept.


About the Journal:

The International Journal of Transparency and Accountability in Governance (IJTAG) is the flagship Journal, with ISSN No: 2395-4337 of the Centre for Transparency and Accountability in Governance (CTAG), published under the aegis of the National Law University, Delhi.



The research paper should apply research skills and appropriate research methodology. The research paper should be thematic, and identifying sub-themes is highly appreciated. It should have good research questions and should also reflect the findings.

The submission can be sent under the following category:

  1. Research papers: Between 5000 and 10000 words, including footnotes. Papers in this category are expected to engage with the theme comprehensively, examine the literature thoroughly, and offer an innovative reassessment of the current understanding of that theme. It is advisable, though not necessary, to choose a theme that is of contemporary importance. Purely theoretical pieces are also welcomed. (ordinarily Not More Than 15 Pages).
  2. Experts Comments: Between 2000 and 3000 words, including footnotes. This section should include a thought-provoking and innovative piece consisting chiefly of personal opinions and analysis ( 3 to 5 Pages).
  3. Judgment Analysis/ Comments: Between 2000 and 4000 words, including footnotes. This part should analyse contemporary Indian or International judicial pronouncements relevant to the themes. It must identify and examine the line of cases in which the decision in question came about and comment on implications for the evolution of that branch of law. ( 5-7 Pages).
  4. Book/Reports Review: The word limit is 2000- 3000 for the review of a book relevant to the themes. The study should identify the author’s relevant arguments and present a comprehensive analysis. ( 3-5 Pages).

Sub Themes of the Journal

1. Accountability mechanism for apex administration and good governance
2. Accountability of Research Supervisors for research assignments- Quality or Quantity?
3. Terms & Conditions of employment of law teachers-Low wages, exploitation of teachers, recognition of teachers, formation of associations, etc.
4. Collegium for the Appointment of Vice Chancellors in India
5. Conflicts of Interest in publications of journals, employment and procurement of other services.
6. Contemporary Challenges of Legal Education Governance in the World
7. Effectiveness of the Regulators of Legal Education Governance in Asia: Challenges and Remedies
8. Effectiveness of the Regulators of Legal Education Governance in Europe: Challenges and Remedies
9. Effectiveness of the Regulators of Legal Education Governance in America Challenges and Remedies
10. Effectiveness of the Regulators of Legal Education Governance in Africa Challenges and Remedies
11. Effectiveness of the Regulators of Legal Education Governance in Australia Challenges and Remedies
12. Empowerment of Legal Research-PhD Course work, allotment of PhD Guide, National and International policies, etc
13. Governance of Grievance redressal mechanism for Teachers
14. Governance of Quality Research Publication and anti-Plagiarism policies
15. Governance of recognition and affiliation of legal institutions for imparting legal education
16. Impact of National and International Institutional Ranking Frameworks of Universities and other institutions on legal education governance
17. Impact of high fee structure on Quality of Access to legal education
18. Impact of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) accreditation on quality education
19. Effect of New Education Policies on Legal Education and Research
20. Impact of the Inspection System of Governance of Legal Education Institutions and quality services
21. Independent regulating authority for monitoring legal education & research
22. Judiciary in the promotion of Legal education and research
23. Learning from the best practices on governance from other jurisdictions
24. Promotion and Funding of Research Centers: the creation of research culture
25. Reforms in Clinical & Specialised Courses
26. Reforms in Entrance Examination Processes-UG, PG, PhD etc
27. Reforms in Examination Process: Evaluation process
28. Reforms in LLM Courses: One year or two years with specialisation
29. Reforms in Teaching Learning Pedagogy for LLB, LLM, PhD
30. Reforms in the Admission Process: Written and Viva?
31. Reforms in the Apex Governance of legal education and Research
32. Reforms In the appointment of teachers and modal appointment process
33. Reforms in the skill development of Teachers
34. Reforms on Review/monitoring of the functioning Law Universities, colleges, etc
35. Review of high concentration of powers and decentralization of powers for good governance and the rule of law
36. Transparency and Accountability in the Operations of Legal Institutions
37. Any other topic directly or indirectly related to legal education governance and reforms.


Guidelines for Submissions:

• Submissions should be in Times New Roman font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing, justified text and 1-inch margins on all sides of an A4 sheet. (page number)
• Footnotes should be in Times New Roman font size 10 with 1.0 line spacing. Endnotes are not allowed.
• Graphics, Charts, Tables, and Diagrams should be numbered consecutively and included in the body of the work. Submission must be compatible with Microsoft Word

Submissions must be emailed to with the subject heading ‘IJTAG – Submission (Volume 10- LER).’

Important Date: The Last date for the submission: 5th September 2023


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